Bill Angle

Bill RoastingI started roasting coffee in 1994 as a hobby. My first roaster was a home unit that would roast a third of a pound per batch. This started me down the road to superior coffee. I roasted for a few friends and family and got them hooked. Needless to say, I had to keep getting bigger roasters to meet the increasing demand. My current roaster, “a 7 kilo per batch” is made in Ponderay, Idaho by Diedrich Coffee Roasters, which I feel produces the best roast available. I continually sample new lots from around the world to find the most flavorful 100% pure Arabica coffee for my valued customers. I am always amazed by each new coffee I try, each bean has its own unique flavor.

So be bold and try something new.

Thank You for your continuing support.

– Bill Angle